Fall 2020 Manhattan Beach School Board Candidate



I am excited to announce I am running as a Candidate for Manhattan Beach Unified School District (MBUSD) School Board. The next several years will be increasingly challenging with the new distance learning and safety standard norms and continued budget challenges. To face these challenges, I can bring a powerful mix of experience in Community Leadership - Manhattan Beach PTA, Manhattan Beach Education Foundation (MBEF) and LA County Natural History Museum Board; Business Experience - Northrop Grumman,, Mercer Management Consulting and Home Depot; and Education - MBA and B.S. in Math and Minor in English. Finally and most importantly I am a mom of an incoming MBMS eighth grader and your neighbor. I look forward to being a thoughtful and collaborative partner to you, so we can make every MB student's potential a reality.




Plan to collaborate with fellow school board members, the MBUSD Parents, Teachers & Admin, and the greater MB Community to:

Exercise responsible fiscal oversight for your tax dollars and donations

Ensure teachers and students are safe, healthy and secure every school day

Maximize success of all students using the latest advances in teaching and technology

Improve opportunities for creativity and project-based learning 

Eight Years of School & Community Leadership Experience:

Former Manhattan Beach District PTA Council President for all seven MB Schools, Grand View PTA President & PTA VP Communications Grand View

Manhattan Beach Education Foundation (MBEF) Board Member and Middle School MBEF Representative

District Manhattan Beach PTA, VP Membership

Neptunian Woman’s Club of Manhattan Beach, VP Fundraising

LA County Natural History Museum, Vice President, Board of Trustees

Personal & Professional Highlights:

Lucky 16 year resident of Manhattan Beach 

Married to loving husband, Dirk de Roos, for 21 years
One child currently attending MBUSD Middle School


20 years of HR, retail management and consulting work experience. Most recently a Senior Project Manager for Northrop Grumman. 

William & Mary, MBA and Graduate School President & MBA Student Body VP

Roanoke College, BS Mathematics with minor in English Literature


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Heather de Roos has accumulated several titles in recent years. She’s the vice chair of the Board of Trustees for the Natural History Museum, vice president of fundraising for the Neptunian Club, and has held an array of leadership positions as...


Manhattan Beach Unified School District has four candidates running for two seats on its Board of Education during the Nov. 3 election...


Manhattan Beach Unified School District has four candidates running for two board member positions. ..



MBUSD School Board would be her full time job - Meeting with and responding to Community members, participating in committees, partnering with admin and staff, researching best practices and preparing for Board Meetings take a lot of time to do effectively. She can make representing you her top priority.


Mayor Richard Montgomery - City Council Mayor 

Suzanne Hadley - City Council Member

Nancy Hersmann - City Council Member

Steve Napolitano - City Council Member

Hildy Stern - City Council Member

Angela Acosta

Jen Agens

Rahul & Reshma Aggarwal

Ellie Allman

Margaret Alvarez

Laney Anderson

John Atkinson

Andrea Barker

Christy & Dave Barnes

Lisa Barrios

Kathy Bauer

Kathy Beckwith 

Jamie & Misha Bedner

Lisa Benacquista

Angela & Taylor Bennett

Jen Berlinger

Courtney Black

Kim Blum

Dolly Boden

Pearl Bonanni

Chris & Eleanor Bowles

Brenda & Ricky Bush

Brett & Jessica Butler

Maggie Byrne

Katie Callinan

Tanya Canada

Gillian Cato

Lorelei Chao

Rochelle Cistone

Chrissie & Harrison Clay

Betsey & Ryan Clements

Jo-Ann Conlin

Michelle Cormack

Jen Cram

Bob Crandall

Sheri Crandall

Bryan & Jen Croft

Christine Cronin-Hurst

Jo-Ann Conlin

JJ Corr

Irene Cotter

Andrea Custer

John Dargan

Caryn Dates

Dirk de Roos

Cheryl DeFonce

Mireille Dermer

Jim Dilllavou

Brian & Rachel Disser

Jen & Jay Dohner

Dina Doll

Patricia Doumeng

Katie Driscoll

Andrea Eisen

Rand & Stacey Ells

Barbara Endlich

Michelle Erikson

Aimee & Chad Fahlbush

Wendy Farber

Liz Fatone

Shannon & Moshe Faynsod

Linda Figel

Karyn Filek

Jan Fleming

Diana Flynn

Lizzie Fong

Bill Fournell

Michelle Franz

Kelly Frazier

Sue Freund

Haruko Froeb

Sarah Geller

Dave & Theresa Gendron

Susie Gilefsky

Maureen & Jack Gillespie

Carrie Gilmer

Debbie Goldberg

Rita Moorman Goldston

Erin Gordon-Grady

Melissa Graf

Lauren & Dan Graham

Stephanie & Mike Graham

Liz & Dan Grampp

Bruce & Brandi Greenberg

Heath & Mandy Gregory

Lee Ann Grzseck

Jean Guerin

Reshma Gulati

Katie Gunther

Yaira Gurman

Dana Hartmann

Denise Hebden

Keri Herczeg

Betty Herring

Scott & Melissa Holcomb

Lynn Honda

Mark Hurst

Mike Husson

Lee & Andrea Hutter

Andrea Hynes

Ted & Karen Iantuono

Rochelle & Gabriel Ibarra

Laurie James

Liz Jemielita

Stacie Joseph

Lorri Kampfner

Michelle Kao

Madeline Kaplan

Jo Karambelas

Jay & Kimberly Katsuyama

Anne Keehn

Betsey & Martin Keely

Jennifer Keller-Smith

Kimberlee & Tim Kelly

Holly & Ryan King

Corey & Brian Kingston

Jennifer Klawin

Kim Kluth

Stephen Koch

Katie & Fred Koeber

Amanda Kresser

Adam Krikorian

Zena & Bryan Krupin

Alice Kuo

Lori Labrie

Jill & Joe Lamkin

Katie LeRosen

Linda LeRoy

Charlotte & Russ Lesser

Carey & Greg Lesser

Erin Levin

Tiffany Levy

Jen Lightner

Christopher & Lisa Locke

Kristen Lukas

Dana Lupton

Emily Macias

Jennifer MacKechnie

Kate Malik

Hava Manasse

Tommi Mann

Kate Manuel 

Danielle Martin

Jack Martin

Becki May

Vanessa McCafferty

Paul & Val Mellinger

Anicia Mendez

Shane Mengel

Art Merkin

Noelle Merritt

Ellen Modes

Tanya Monaghan

Anna Moore

Virginia Moore

Mercedes Morton

Rachel Nammack

Launi Nathan

Maria Nazarian-Taylor

Kim & Darrin O’Hanlon

Chad & Lisa O’Hara

Carrie & Chris Ortman

Paula Packwood

Ben & Ellen Padnos

Kathleen Paralusz

Kerry Partin

Iris & Sagi Paul

Amy Pearce

Alisa & Dave Pedersen

Kate Pennino

Géraldine Pepemehmetoglu 

Kathy Poje

Terri Premeaux

Sandy & Kevin Quigley

Charley & El Raker

Joni Ramallo

Christine Randau

Kristin Rasmussen

Jane Reitz

Gretchen Renshaw

Dan Rogoff

Kimberly Rosenfeld

Scott Rosenthal

Maria (Mimi) Rupp

Lisa Safa

Jenny Sampson

Ashley & Jim Savela

Jim & Lisa Schlager

Jeff & Peir Serota

Suzanne Sharer

Kristin Sharif

Sarah Sheahan

Amy Sheals

Nicole Shepley

Mike Simms

Keith Simpson

Sandesha & Kapil Singh

Heidi & Steve Snively

Tisha Soladay

Scott & Tara Sorensen

Charles Southey

Roger Spencer

Kelli Spriggs

Robyn St. Germain

Pennie Stepczyk

Whitney Stephenson

Patricia Sugden

Lynn Stone

Karni Syed

Nina Tarnay

Jason Taylor

Larry Thomas & Diane Maiden

Lisa Thompson

Lenie & Rob Trent

Jenni Tucker

Marianne & Ryan Turner

Lee Tunila 

Dan & Vicki Tyler

Vicki Unger

Jennifer & Eric VanFossen

Jess Vanzura

Wendy Walker

Mariel & Remco Waller

Linda Washburn

Lisa Weaver

Wysh Weinstein

Rich Weiss

Cori Wellins

Teresa White

Michele Willberg

Jim Withers

Beth & Erik Wood

Monica Wood

Tiffany Wright

Tolga & Songul Yaprak

Teresa Yee

Amanda & Brian Zaumeyer

Maria Zebrowski

Bea & Larry Zimbalist

Megan Zimmer

Andrea & Mike Zislis



Manhattan, Beach CA 90266


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